H1 architecture is an award-winning multi-disciplinary firm engaging in master planning, architecture, and interior design. It is a recipient of several awards, which includes the BCI Asia Top 10 architect’s awards, Enterprise Asia Entrepreneurship Award, Asia Pacific Property Awards, Philippine Property Awards and Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Raymond Hernandez is a practicing architect based in Makati. He is one of the founding principals at H1 architecture. He graduated with an architectural degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines.

Early in his career, he spent several years working at a Manila-based international design firm that specialized in leading the design and planning of large scale mixed-use developments, with projects situated in Asia and the Middle East. After seeing the growth potential in Asia and the lack of local architects experienced in leading the master planning and the architecture of large scale complex mixed-use developments due to the local developers’ heavy reliance on foreign designers he quickly moved to form a company with friends and eventually formed H1 architecture with Juan Serina. With their experience, focus, and knowledge in the design and planning of large scale international mixed-use developments and their timely entry to the local design and construction scene, the firm began by winning several notable mixed-use development projects from competitions organized by some of the top developers in the Philippines. It was through these projects they were able to quickly grow their company and become one of the top architectural firms in the country.

Working on numerous notable architecture and design projects as the lead design architect for the various top developers in a wide range of industries and diverse building types for several years helped sharpen his capability to navigate through the complexities of realizing a successful development. Working on these projects with each of them having its unique challenges brought depth and individuality to the way he conceives of spaces, which allowed him to introduce ideas that are valued by both the clients and its users.

Juan D. Serina Jr. graduated from The University of Melbourne, Australia with a Master’s Degree in Planning and Design (Urban Design). He received his architectural degree from the University of Santo Tomas Philippines.

He has over 30 years of International experience in mixed-use developments, residential, commercial, institutional architecture and master planning throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Dubai.

He has worked in prestigious international firms such as the Buchan Group, Architectus in Australia and DP architects in Singapore where he was involved in landmark projects such as the Bugis Junction and the Esplanade in Singapore, Victoria Point in Melbourne and Melbourne Airport expansion in Australia.

He led Cadiz international as their Design Director and was responsible for the design and master planning for several large scale projects throughout Asia and the Middle East. Some of the notable projects he handled are the Kota Kasablanka Mixed-Use Development and Kalapa Gading Mall in Indonesia, The Reef Mall in Dubai, Manar Mall Expansion in Ras Al Khaimah, Isfahan City Center in Iran and Hamilo Coast in the Philippines.

After being based in Singapore and Australia for more than a decade, he soon realized the growth potential in Asia; he then decided to move back to the Philippines. Having formed H1 architecture with Raymond Hernandez, his years of international experience became the backbone of the master planning and design of the office, which manifested through the full range of the thoughtful works of H1.


2020 Asia Pacific Property Awards  
Best Office Development in the Philippines
– Parkway Corporate Center Alabang, Muntinlupa
2020 Luxury Lifestyle Awards
– Top 12 The Best Luxury Architect and Interior
Designer Studio in the Philippines
2018 Asia Pacific Property Awards
Best Residential Development in the Philippines
– The Enclave Alabang
2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award
Entrepreneur of the year for Business Services
2017 BCI Asia Top 10 Architects in the Philippines
2016 Philippine Property Awards
Best Office Architectural Design
– Uptown Office Towers
2015 BCI Asia Top 10 Architects in the Philippines
2012 BCI Asia Top 10 Architects in the Philippines